Hot Rolled Steel

Hot Rolled Steel Construction Systems; are designed considering every function of the building begining from the project phase. The safety and the quality standart of the building are also ignored at the design process of the structure. Accurate and detailed project planning purposes; to provide the most safe and economic structure to the user on time.

It must have been correct to think the job half done when the project was accurate designed and planned as well. Thus, our company design and solve every project up to the demands whether a construction project exists or not.

By using hot rolled steel construction systems almost all kinds of structures can be built but especially the large span industrial buildings, warehouses, storages, multi storey buildings. This type of construction has a big capacity to resist earthquake loads because of large energy absorbation ability and quick return of investment costs according to fast erection.

Nowadays, the usage of steel construction systems is increasing in amount and expand in different fields. The most important factors are earthquake resistance, limited construction time and integrity with the industrial cladding materials. The most common industrial cladding materials can be easily installed to structural steel buildings.

Steel structures can be designed in different geometric shapes according to the required functions and desired architecture. These different designs vary from tapered profiles, castello beams, pipe sections and many differents forms of structures. The usage of cold formed purlins and siderails in the steel structures increase the resistance of corrosion and earthquake economically.

The composite floor slab is the most convenient technical solution for multi storey steel structures. Composite flooring consists of; galvanized trapezoidal sheet deck, shear studs and reinforcements. The trapezoidal deck profile must have embossments that provide the mechanical connection between the steel and hardened concrete especially against lateral loads. It also provides rapid construction and economy when used as permanent casting form.

The steel construction and its relation with the cladding materials are taken into consideration at the highest level. Thus the structure is designed as a whole without any additional parts. Any additional or unplanned parts of building increase the investment cost and reduces the quality standart and the corrosion resistance.