The Construction Work of Major Repairs and Structural Reinforcement of Bosphorus and FSM Bridges

The main and starting work was the catwalk manufacturing and assembly to work safely on the main cable of the bridges at the Major Repairs and Structural Reinforcement.

Catwalks was designed light weight to avoid overloading the main cable of the bridge.

Steel profiles was hot-dip galvanized to minimize corosion damage due to the evaporation of seawater.

All of the production was checked according to the tolerance limits during manufacturing process then, they were packed.

Catwalks of Bosphorus and FSM Bridges and other works, approximately 900tons have been manufactured in 5 months.

To avoid traffic jam, assembly works have been carried out in 4 months on the night shift by closing a line at 4 different locations.

Assembly was done up to the 160m height above a often used traffic line. Connection parts are solved by using “gravity-lock pins” due to the risk of falling objects. These pims are installed in one direction of two parts and locked by gravity to obtain safety during the assembly process.

The labouring works are managed with the Japanese supervisors which is; new gusset plate, new hanger cable and main cable band, handrope and hanrope stanchion, unwrapping main cable ,wrapping main cable, wind tongue, rocker link assembly and dismantling catwalk works are completed.

All the repairing works including demontages have been done in 22 months.