Our Vision

METEK, has its own principle firstly to correct use of technique or in other words practical application of the theory of engineering. One of our goals is to give customers complete engineering services. We beleive that the engineering is a natural science. For correct application of engineering, the nature (earthquake, gravity, expansion, etc.) has to be good observed and solutions that harmonious with nature should be developed.

Structures have to resist to many forces but should not be cumbersome and complicated.  There are so many samples in nature. For instance, how light is a spider's web but so powerful and flexible. Using the materials and details that developed based on natural science will be our best goal. The main principles are correct identification of the natural effects, correct choice of materials, correct details and surely the right application.

Our company's most imported goals are to develop itself continuously and being customer-project oriented. Other important goals; provide solutions to customers at every respect, promise what we can, be trustful and make all possible effort to finish the job correctly and at time.

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