About Us

METEK is established to build safe and durable structures by adhering to the principles of engineering. The company operates in the steel construction and metal roofing and cladding areas that has intensive metal usage. We achieved to take a part of many and different projects at design, manufacture and insallation. Our company name is the combination of the two words "metal" and "technical" and we are trying to put them correctly together at the right form, right place and right time.

Our main areas of activity; steel construction of industrial and residential buildings, metal roofing and cladding. Steel construction is built from design to the finishing taking into account every function. In particular, our company is ready to offer optimum solutions from static and dynamic design of structures up to the cladding of the buildings.

Aesthetic, economical and reliable solutions are developed according to the architecture. Light-gauge profiles that produced by using cold forming technology are highly used to obtain light solutions. Metal roofing and cladding systems such as trapeze sheet, sandwich panel and particularly the metal standing seam system applications are made

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